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These are not words you hear from a lot of financial companies, but Gansett is a different kind of investment partnership. We are creative, open-minded, and honest with ourselves and each other. We believe in the power of simplicity, and we don't hide behind expensive suits. We just love what we do and we tell it like it is.

Gansett is an investment partnership founded by Alex Cohen in 2018, from his dorm room at Hobart and William Smith. Like any investor, we focus on minimizing risk and maximizing returns, but the difference is in how we do it.

The name Gansett comes from the name of the town where Alex spent a few weeks each summer as a kid. Those were the times when he could get away from the rush and hum of New York City and enjoy life. As such, the name Gansett represents a more wonderful way of investing and a more beautiful future.


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